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Google Ads Specialists

We have many years experience working at Google helping Media Companies successfully implement digital advertising campaigns in the US, Canada and LATAM. Google Ads is a tool and a platform that is constantly evolving so we are continously learning and improving our skills with top class training.

We have implemented campaigns for eCommerces related to the following industries: technology, fashion, sports, construction, among others. Successfully implementing a Google Shopping Strategy can be a competitive advantage that makes a huge difference in performance. Google Ads and Google Merchant Center allow us to implement quickly and efficently. More qualified visits to your ecommerce means a higher number of transactions. The CPC of a Google Shopping Campaign is a self paid investment, with a high ROAS. Contact us to know further.

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Social Media Ads

It wouldn´t be a good digital ads strategy if we left out Social Media channels. We create, implement and optimize social media ads digital focused on Performance KPIs: Conversions, Transactions, Lead Capture, among others. We have a track record of successful performance campaigns in Facebook and Instagram. Our clients continue to choose us because we demonstrate with numbers that the investments get multiplied. If youw want to know more about how we can help you grow your business, send us a whatsapp today.

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